A little bit about Craft Tree NJ

We are breaking down all the time and money restrictions to provide you the resin supplies at an affordable price as quickly as possible.  We know what a struggle it is to find affordable resin supplies.  In fact, that’s how Craft Tree NJ began! I was searching the internet to find a craft kit to begin working with resin. I searched for days and could not find a suitable all in one kit!  We launched this business to help fellow crafters who may be having the same trouble!

We started this venture when we notice the absence of an online store that delivers the resin supplies in less than a week.  I am happy to say it has grown into a community of resin crafters uniting to make our projects better and save others along the way by providing helpful tips and tricks.

Craft tree NJ is so happy to provide a one-stop solution to all your resin needs. Turn your obsession with resin into reality and start crafting!

Getting the resin Supplies for your upcoming masterpiece shouldn’t be confusing at all!

Craft Tree NJ not only provides high-quality UV resin supplies and kits but we pride ourselves in our speedy shipping, to get your products to you as quickly as possible.

Customer Commitment

We provide quality craft supplies, with prices that are budget friendly!

Fast delivery

Orders are shipped within 24 hours of purchase.  Fast shipping…is there even another way?  Not at Craft Tree NJ.

High-quality Resin

For beginners or seasoned pros, our kit is for everyone!


Visit our tutorial videos to learn more about UV resin and how to start your journey today!