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Beach treasures of an unexpected variety!

This summer I have taken up a new hobby. I get up while it is still dark out and drive over to the beach to see the sunrise. It’s a great way to start the day. I bring a trash bag with me to clean up any trash I come across. This particular day was one like no other I had seen before and I felt the need to document my “trash treasures”. This was on August 14th, the height of the summer season here at the Jersey Shore.

Here is the list of trash I collected in just an hour and a half.

JACK & JIll ice cream wrappers, Philly blunt wrappers, 8 x firework debris, Pollyo string cheese wrapper, cigarette pack plastic wrap, 4 tags from beach accessories, 20 x wipes – napkins – paper towels, 17 x plastic bag debris (scraps of plastic bag or wrappers), portion of a diaper, 4 juice box straw wrappers, 3 h2o bottle caps, 1 sunglasses + 1 extra lens, 7 misc. Plastic items, 1/2 balloon + 2 balloon strings, 2 white fabric straps, wrappers for: Smuckers uncrustables, mini muffins, screwball ice cream top, 8 x popsicle sticks, pacifier, 2 Land Shark bottle caps, Nerf gun bullet, dental pick, rubber band for leeks, 1 hair rubber band, plastic spoon, deer park h20 bottle + extra wrappers, 1 1/2 fishing lures, gauze bandage, 2 Band Aids, 6 Philadelphia water ice spoons & wrappers, orbit gumwrappers, Styrofoam, wawa hoagie wrappers and 4 receipts from wawa hoagies, Trojan wrappers, Beach chair back, 1 flip flop, 1 pair of black socks, 1 broken red shovel, 1 broken plastic fish mold toy, 2 plastic shovels, plastic grenade, 1 large black sponge, 1 dish sponge, 1 purple plastic castle mold toy, goldfish snack bag, gogo squeeze Pouch, cheetos bag, Otis spunkenmeyer cookie bag, planters peanuts bag, Hershey w almonds wrapper, cheese crackers package, fruit snacks package, haribo gummy bears package, and a massive amount of cigarette butts.

I only covered a few blocks too so who knows how many more socks and band Aids and beach toys didn’t make it to the trash can before heading out to sea.

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