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Pretty Woman the Musical = great choice for Girl’s day out!

Way back in November, my bestie surprised me for my birthday with tickets to see Pretty Woman the Musical in Philly.   The show was yesterday, and we had a blast.  The show itself was an excellent production.  We had amazing seats!  But more than that, I didn’t realize how much I needed some girl time.

There’s nothing better than an hour car ride with your bestie to laugh, cry, complain, be optimistic, look to the future, rehash the past…..and everything in between.  We will have to resume our bi-weekly craft nights to make sure we have a standing appointment to get together!  A good friend is better than a therapist, they tend to know your entire life history so you don’t have to go over the last 20 years of your life.  They already know it all (while they mostly use it for good, occassionally they may hold it over your head, all in good fun of course!).

So go ahead and plan a girls day!  (or guys day!) and get some much needed friend therapy.  You will feel a million times better aftewards!  I am still randomly laughing today thinking about some of our adventures yesterday!  It was definatley one for the memory box…and many more to come in the future!

One thought on “Pretty Woman the Musical = great choice for Girl’s day out!

  1. Colleen Buchanan says:

    love this blog, this website, & this lady! so proud of you chica! may we always find a way to shine a light on the darkness & laugh thru the madness* down the road & back again, thank you for being a friend xo

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