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The Artisans Coop: A diverse & inclusive group of creatives building an authentic handmade online marketplace

Artisans Cooperative logo. Round black circle with a white and red chicken face looking to the left with a blue background in the circle behind the chicken. Online marketplace for authentic handmade goods organized by a diverse group of creatives


I am so excited to share this news.  The Artisans Cooperative is a grassroots effort to create an authentic handmade marketplace online.  It is member owned and operated.  I have joined as an artisan member and we will begin rolling out the marketplace over the next couple of months.  We will start with fundraiser items to test the online platform and work out any problems.  We expect to be fully operational in October and just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Artists and supporters of the arts will both be interested in what this diverse group of creatives is working towards.


If you are interested in joining, there is still time left to become a founding member which comes with perks and benefits.  You have until July 31st to join as a founding member.  We don’t want cost to be a barrier so we have a program in place for members to earn points through member activities.  You can use the points towards your member buy in.  We are a member run organization and all decisions will be voted on.  After the marketplace begins to turn a profit, there will be financial distributions allocated to members.


Don’t let this time to get in on the ground floor pass you by.  There is a huge gap in online shopping representing authentic handmade goods, and we aim to fill that gap.  We as members will provide authentication for other members goods based off a policy created off of information obtained from a survey earlier this year.  This details the items that would be considered handmade based off our of the handmade policy guide.  We are committed to keeping to a strict set of guidelines to keep dropshipping, vintage, and even non handmade supplies off of this marketplace.  There are plenty of other resources for that type of thing, but there are currently no AUTHENTIC member verified handmade marketplaces.

Not only will we all benefit from this shopping experience, but this is also a social gathering place for artists and supporters to meet up virtually and ask questions, show works in progress, offer advice, bounce ideas off of each other, and connect with like minded individuals.  You can join our Discord server which is a fun place to check in daily and see what everyone is working on at the moment.  It’s also a great place to discover more about the progress of this creation.


Go over to to  learn all the important details about this once in a lifetime opportunity.  If you are tired of being held down by the man than rise up to this offer and come join us for this wild ride.

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