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Wednesday works in progress.

Today I had no idea what I was going to make, but I couldn’t sit still and I knew the only solution was to create!  I generally have some sort of plan as to what I will be making, at least the mold I will be using, but not today.  I started mixing up the resin and decided to figure it out as I went!


This pendant did not turn out like I was expecting.  The glitter sank to the bottom, and you can’t see any of the metallic on this side, which is supposed to be the front.  I was either heavy handed in pouring the glitter in, or the glitter was just too heavy and all laid on the inside of the mold.

“front” of the pendant…or so I thought


This is how the back turned out!  I am enjoying the back much more than the front.  I think I can make it work anyway.

The “back” of the pendant\

This pendant wasn’t cured enough to take out of the mold but I can’t wait to see how it turns out tomorrow.  I love the metallic mica powder.  It’s super rich intense metallic colors and a little goes a long way. I opted out of using any glitter this time around since my goal was to try to create lines all along the circle.  We will see if I was succesful tomorrow.




With the leftover resin I filled this mold of tiny shapes. These are great for adding on to cards as decorations.  Whenever I have resin left over this is usually my go to mold.  Fill it, forget it, and someday when I am making a card and need to add some cute hearts or stars, I will be thankful I did.

Overall it was an enjoyable craft session, and as always, I learned a little along the way….



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